Digital Marketing Agency Takes Old World Marketing To New Horizons

August 25, 2019 - /PressAdvantage/ - Austin, TX based 500 Rockets Marketing is excited to announce that they have transformed the way they approach marketing to embrace new techniques and ideals that benefit both the advertiser and the consumer. The media veteran states that they look forward to bringing this new era of marketing to both their clients and their clients’ consumers.

“What this boils down to is taking our previous strategies and goals and reconsidering what we define as success,” says 500 Rockets Marketing CEO Matthew Brutsche. “It used to be enough to tell our clients that we can make sure their advertisements or other marketing materials get seen by the most people possible. What was enough only 10 years ago, however, is already out of date, and it’s time to evolve and move forward before we get left behind.” The issue, he says, is that people have become so inundated with advertisements that it is now second nature to ignore them. This means that, while an advertisement is seen, it may not be absorbed by its target audience. In turn, this generates no interest in the product or service being offered. The answer, according to Brutsche, is to engage the audience in a relationship they cannot ignore and, crucially, are actively interested in pursuing themselves.

He elaborates, “We all like to think that we’re sensible and high minded enough to go after products and services if they’re important to our lives and improve our quality of living, or perhaps offer us a higher degree of convenience, in some way. The truth falls a little shy of that, thought. We’re generally not interested in stepping that far out of our comfort zone. If we have a car that runs well enough, it’s easy to say we don’t need to go the extra mile and get the model with the convertible roof. But what about the hybrid that has significantly better mileage, reduces our impact on the environment, and comes packed with the most cutting edge safety features?” With old world marketing, customers would most likely be given the specifications of such a vehicle in an attractive media package. However, they would still have to make the following purchase rationalizations by themselves. They would have to calculate the trade-off with regard to their finances, lifestyles, and family obligations.

Brutsche and his digital marketing agency assert that the trick is to make sure the consumer never has to get bogged down in the numbers. He states, “The true metric in marketing today is engagement. You won’t get your message across if your materials fail to engage your audience.” In light of the fact that audiences have lost interest in old world marketing tactics, new world marketing methods have to counter this apathy by focusing on high quality and high quantity content production. The same car from Brutsche’s example would now be showcased in a setting where it would resonate with its target audience. For instance the ad could illustrate how smoothly the car runs on a day to day basis when placed in the care of a ‘test’ family, how easy it is to receive regular maintenance, and how child-friendly the safety features are. The difference is that an excellent product is now being marketed to engage the consumer on an emotional level, in a setting that they can picture themselves in.

“Once the first ad, or first round of ads, is done, you need to keep putting out content that drives the message in even deeper,” says Brutsche. “You don’t need to constantly deflate your budget on materials that require a lot of investment, but you absolutely should take advantage of SEO and social media campaigns to highlight the best parts. If you like, you can take screenshots or shorter clips from the video and run them again with appropriate captions—but we would advise that you keep the ‘family,’ in this case, and make them a long-running feature of your marketing. We used to have mascots represents our brand identities. Today, the person that represents a company is the consumer.”

Reaching a consumer, according to Brutsche, has a lot to do with how much emotional investment a consumer has in the brand. This can take the form of a company taking a stand in social causes they support, but it’s also possible to reach people with simpler factors, such as humour. He adds, “You could also make a new video clip to accompany the original. At the end, you could say: Look. The family car also has a convertible roof. If you like that sort of thing. Just make sure the kids are strapped in before you set off.”

Interested parties may learn more about the all-service-inclusive marketing agency by contacting Matthew Brutsche of 500 Rockets Marketing. They may also follow the company on their social media platforms to stay in touch with their latest news, updates, and announcements.


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