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Hope for US trade visit to China: A delay in harmful tariffs

Apr 26, 2018

Hopes for US trade visit to China focus on a delay in harmful tariffs by both countries

Pepsi shores up the drink business in North America

Apr 26, 2018

PepsiCo, trying to find the right balance of healthier drinks and its classic sodas, staunched some of the sales declines in the latter category and got a boost in the first quarter from strong snack sales

New Chipotle CEO plans menu 'tweaks,' and maybe drive-thrus

Apr 25, 2018

Chipotle sees a key sales figure rise as it increased menu prices at most restaurants

Portable test helps identify refugees at risk of outbreaks

Apr 25, 2018

Cheap, portable test may help identify people susceptible to disease outbreaks in refugee camps, other remote locations

US Embassy move in Israel emblematic of broader policy shift

Apr 25, 2018

New US Embassy in Jerusalem will be a physical milestone in a broader, striking shift by the Trump administration away from a half-century of policy toward Israel and the Palestinians

MPAA head says theaters will survive rise of streaming sites

Apr 24, 2018

New MPAA chief, theater owners group head optimistic about movie business

Ex-Yahoo paying $35M to settle SEC charges over 2014 hack

Apr 24, 2018

The company formerly known as Yahoo is paying a $35 million fine to resolve federal regulators' charges that the online giant deceived investors by failing to disclose one of the biggest data breaches in internet history.

First drug approved for most common inherited kidney disease

Apr 24, 2018

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration approved the first drug to slow kidney function decline in patients with kidney-damaging genetic disease

Audi recalls about 1.2M vehicles; coolant pumps can overheat

Apr 24, 2018

Audi is recalling about 1.2 million cars and SUVs worldwide because the electric coolant pumps can overheat and possibly cause a fire

Facebook rules at a glance: What's banned, exactly?

Apr 24, 2018

Facebook has revealed for the first time just what, exactly, is banned on its service in a new Community Standards document released on Tuesday

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