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Once untouchable, 'I Admit' shows that R. Kelly is hurting

Jul 28, 2018

Once untouchable, 'I Admit' shows that R. Kelly is hurting and that a social media campaign against him may be working

CBS looks into misconduct claims amid report on CEO Moonves

Jul 28, 2018

CBS says that independent members of its board of directors are investigating personal misconduct claims after the company's chief executive, Les Moonves, was the subject of a New Yorker story detailing sexual misconduct allegations

AP FACT CHECK: Trump skews claims on economy, GDP growth

Jul 27, 2018

AP FACT CHECK: Trump is prematurely suggesting he proved naysayers wrong in boosting U.S. economic growth and falsely asserting the economy is the best "we've ever had"

House backs defense bill with military pay raise, parade

Jul 26, 2018

The House has approved a $716 billion defense policy bill that would give the military a 2.6 percent pay hike and endorse President Trump's plans for a military parade.

Report: China, Russia and Iran ramp up economic spying on US

Jul 26, 2018

A government report is outlining how spy services from China, Russia and Iran are hard at work trying to steal trade secrets and proprietary information from U.S. companies, government labs and universities

Ultrasound jiggles open brain barrier, a step to better care

Jul 25, 2018

Scientists using sound waves to jiggle openings in a brain barrier that too often blocks medicine

Complaint filed over ketamine research without prior consent

Jul 25, 2018

Consumer rights advocates allege a Minneapolis health care provider ignored ethical practices and federal safeguards when it researched the effect of a powerful sedative on more than 100 participants without their prior consent

Pittsburgh sees hands-on restart of Uber's self-driving cars

Jul 25, 2018

Uber officials say the company has taken the first step toward relaunching its self-driving cars on Pittsburgh area streets four months after a fatal accident involving one of the cars in Tempe, Arizona

Caffeine shot: Coke bets "Coke Plus Coffee" boosts soda

Jul 25, 2018

Coca-Cola thinks it may have found a new drink that will give soda sales a shot of caffeine: Coke Plus Coffee.

AP FACT CHECK: Trump overlooks Europe's role in NASA capsule

Jul 25, 2018

AP FACT CHECK: In celebrating Made in America showcase, Trump leaves out Europe's role in NASA capsule

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