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Big tech companies cast as monopolies in UK government study

Mar 13, 2019

UK review of digital competition urges new rules to deal with power of tech giants

US health officials move to tighten sales of e-cigarettes

Mar 13, 2019

U.S. health regulators are moving ahead with a plan to keep e-cigarettes out of the hands of teenagers by restricting sales of most flavored products in convenience stores and online

Grand Teton National Park pursuing disputed cell-tower build

Mar 13, 2019

Wyoming's Grand Teton National Park seeks comments on disputed network of cell towers

Fiat Chrysler recalling nearly 900,000 vehicles on emissions

Mar 13, 2019

Fiat Chrysler is recalling nearly 900,000 vehicles because they don't meet US emission standards

Honda recalls 1.2M more vehicles with dangerous air bags

Mar 12, 2019

Honda is recalling about 1.2 million vehicles in North and Central America because their Takata air bag inflators can explode and send shrapnel into the vehicle interiors

Push for broader LGBT rights slowed by lack of GOP support

Mar 12, 2019

Congress will soon consider a comprehensive LGBT nondiscrimination bill, but it could well be doomed by lack of Republican support

Lumber Liquidators paying $33M to settle US fraud charges

Mar 12, 2019

Lumber Liquidators is paying $33 million to settle fraud charges by federal authorities who accused the company of falsely saying its Chinese-made laminate flooring met formaldehyde emissions standards.

Honda to recall around 1M vehicles with dangerous air bags

Mar 12, 2019

Honda will be recalling around 1 million older vehicles in the U.S. and Canada because Takata driver's air bag inflators installed during previous recalls could be dangerous

Newly elected NAHB Chairman Greg Ugalde talks homebuilding

Mar 10, 2019

Newly elected NAHB Chairman Greg Ugalde talks homebuilding

US regulators clear path for genetically modified salmon

Mar 9, 2019

Genetically modified salmon have cleared another hurdle to be sold in the U.S., but could still face legal challenges

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